SNOWAPPLE - Album Release 'WEXICO' Beginning of 2018

Mexico Tour: Autumn 2017, Spring 2018
Europe Tour: Summer 2018


Snowapple is a group of extremely talented multi-instrumentalists / singers from Amsterdam, Latvia and Mexico. Playing original songs which they describe themselves as pop/folk/opera/avant-garde-cumbia.

Drawing on uncommonly contrasting musical backgrounds the members of Snowapple form a remarkable ensemble, with the three central voices by turns merging into majestic harmonies and peeling off severally into moving solo peregrinations. Their giddy leapfrogging between genres, combined with the wide range of instruments they play, effectuates an incomparable sound.

The group started as an all female trio in Amsterdam, but during their travels to Mexico city they one by one picked up a brilliant and diverse group of musicians, adding Mezcal and summer-vibes to the music and expanding Snowapple into an even more explosive,
eccentric and theatrical act.

The group is currently touring the US, Mexico and Europe and is working on their 4th studio album. Their music has been played multiple times on BBC Radio and they made several appearances on international TV.


"Brimming with rich, luscious melodies and bizarre but beautiful chord changes. My mouth was left agape." —Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1
“Enchanting, twisted and delightfully inventive” (Rock N Reel)
“Theatrical and dream-like” (Americana-UK)
“Enchanting sound and outfits to die for!” (House Of Coco)
“An absolute gem of an album.” (Popped Music)
“Delightfully unique” (Echoes And Dust)
"Beautiful, mysterious, intelligent, unpredictable, fun, feelgood." (Clew)
"Andrew Sisters meet Kate Bush meet Kurt Weill meet contemporary classical " (Clew)

Past Shows:

Union Chapel, London // Assembly Hall, London // Paradiso, Amsterdam // Tivoli, Utrecht // Kalcinema Kvartals, Riga // Kater Holtzig, Berlin // Fuchs und Elster, Berlin // Ballhaus Rixdorf, Berlin // The Amnesia, San Fransisco // Rockwood Music Hall, NYC // Pete The Monkey Festival, France // Larmer Tree Festival, UK // Music Port World Music Festival, UK // Festival del Alma Texcoco, Mexico // Ollin Kan World Music Festival, Mexico // Eurosonic/Noorderslag, The Netherlands // Bevrijdings Festival, The Netherlands // Oerol, The Netherlands // Landjuweel, The Netherlands // Jetlag Festival, The Netherlands TV Azteca, Mexico // TV Central 11, Mexico

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2014 Snowapple 'Debut Album' (V2 Benelux, ZIP Records US (Sony Distribution), Debt Records UK)
2015 Snowapple 'Illusion' Album (Rough Trade, ZIP Records (Sony Distribution), Debt Records UK)
2017 Snowapple 'Tracks' Album (Rough Trade, ZIP Records (Sony Distribution), Debt Records UK)


Phone: +31 625217100
Online Press Kit:

Swiss Bookings:

Jennifer Ibañez
+41 799165284 (

European Bookings:

Fabrizio Borgosano
DE +49 15753335416 (
IT +39 3406953499

Mexican Bookings:

WolfHOUSE Productions
Sebastian Wolf
+52 15511324351

Record Companies:

ZIP Records (Sony distribution)
Art Herman

Debt Records (UK)
Louis Barabbas